Franklin / PZL Model 6A-350-C1R

The New Franklin / PZL 6A-350-C1R 220 HP powerplant is the most powerful Franklin engine in production today. It is the latest of the six cylinder line that has been powering certified aircraft for well over 30 years. The 6A-350 is best known for its smoothness and excellent performance in high density altitude conditions.

The combination of high power and light weight makes the 6A-350 the perfect engine to upgrade the aircraft to a rebuild time. The same advantage makes them the powerplant of choice for STC conversions and the new breed of high performance experimental category aircraft being built today.

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Engine Specifications

Model 6A-350-C1R
FAA Type Certificate No E9EA
Rated Horsepower 220 / 205 @ 2800RPM *
Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement 350 Cu. inches
Bore 4.625 Inches
Stroke 3.5 Inches
Engine Weight (Dry - Without Accessories) 297 lbs.
TBO 1500 Hours
Magnetos, Slick Model 6399
Magnetos, Bendix S6RN - 21
Ignition Timing, BTC, Both Magnetos 28 - 32 degrees
Firing Order 1, 4, 5, 2, 3, 6
Spark Plugs 18mm
Fuel System:  
Carburetor: Marvel Schebler MA-5
Fuel - Minimum Octane - Aviation 100/130
Wet Slump - Oil Capacity 8.8 Qts.
Oil Grade, Above 41 Degrees Ambient Air SAE 40 or 50
Oil Grade, Below 41 Degrees Ambient Air SAE 30
Valve Clearance:  
Valve Rocker Clearance With Lifters Bled Down And Engine Cold 0.036 - 0.044 inch
Operating Limits:  
RPM - Maximum Limit 2800
RPM Idle 750-950
Cylinder Head Temp (Bayonet Thermocouple) 392F
Oil Temperature - Maximum Inlet 230F
Oil Pressure - Operating Range 55-80 PSI
Oil Pressure - Idle 25 PSI
Fuel Pressure (Carb. Inlet) 0.5 - 8.5 PSI

* - 220 HP SAE, 205 HP Metric

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